2023 Veterans Day 1
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A Thank You to Our Veterans at Glick

In conjunction with Veterans Day, which is held annually on November 11, we asked our communities to help us celebrate and honor our veteran co-workers with a special note of recognition and gratitude.

Thank you to the many veteran team members at Glick! We appreciate all you do to make our communities great places to live and thank you for choosing us as your employer.

Shout-Outs from Our Team

Dustin Dove
Dustin Dove - Army
“Thank you to Dustin Dove who served in the Army for 8.5 years. He is a Maintenance Tech at Windsor Park Apartments. He was deployed to Iraq 2008-2009. Upon his return, he trained new soldiers for 4.5 years. He enjoys long range shooting and walking his dog several times daily.” - Amy Stewart, Windsor Park Apartments

Gabriella Sanford
Gabriella Sanford - US Navy
“Gabriella Sanford is the Property Manager at Ashley Pointe Apartments in Evansville. Gabriella served in US Navy after graduating from high school and served 3 years as a Quarter Master responsible for navigation on a destroyer ship. Her longest deployment was 9 months at sea when she traveled to Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, and Abu Dhabi. Gabriella joined Glick in 2022 and is always eager to learn new concepts, programs and ideas. She brings a sense of openness to work every day. Gabriella is deserving of being recognized for the hard work and dedication to the position she holds every day. We salute and thank her for her service!" -Karen Kiefer, Corporate Office
Dorian - US Marine Corps
“Thank you to Dorian, the MS at Somerset Lakes. He served in the United States Marine Corps. He loves spending time with his family, especially his wife, children, and grandchildren. He is also an avid guitar player.” - Somerset Team
Fonda Bosemer
Fonda Bosemer - Air Force & Army
“I would like to take the opportunity to recognize Fonda Bosemer, Maintenance Supervisor at Woodlake Apartments. Fonda served first in the Air Force, and then in the Army from 2000-2013, doing a total of 9 overseas tours before retiring from Ft Campbell in KY. Fonda has a work ethic that is unparalleled, doing whatever it takes to resolve a problem or satisfy a resident. He often refers to his time in the service as the foundation for his leadership techniques. I can recall a time when a resident that suffered from PTSD had requested service and was triggered when maintenance knocked on the door. Once made aware of her condition, Fonda ensured that going forward this resident was contacted in advance and showed empathy for the resident by making sure that his arrival was scheduled, peaceful and less stressful for the resident. He is so valuable to this property and to our company. We appreciate all that he does for us and all that he has done for our country.” - Jenny Thompson, Region 5 Apartments

To all of our veterans, we appreciate your service to our country and dedication to providing the best possible service and care to our residents.