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An Update on Glick’s Energy Efficiency Efforts

By Doug Elmore, Vice President, Maintenance Operations

How much water does an older, inefficient toilet use? Maybe not a question you’ve considered, but the surprising answer is that toilets manufactured before the 1980s can use up to 6 gallons per flush.

This is one of many topics that Glick’s energy efficiency committee is tackling monthly. The committee’s work is focused on how we can update properties to benefit our residents and our company’s bottom line. The committee is comprised of seven veteran Glick team members, including:

  • Brendon Polivick, Director, Engineering & Facilities
  • Brad Hobbs, Director, Maintenance
  • Tommy Jennings, Director, Maintenance
  • Jenny Thompson, Regional Property Manager
  • Kris Rank, Regional Property Manager
  • Brian Grande, Director, Purchasing
  • Jim Bisesi, Retired Consultant

This year the committee is focused on achieving greater efficiency across three priority areas:

1. Replacing toilets

By installing newer toilets, our properties will reduce water consumption, water and sewer bills for Glick.

2. Partnering with local utilities offering energy efficiency initiatives

Many electric and gas utilities nationwide are offering incentives to companies that have shown a commitment to being more energy efficient. Glick has taken steps to replace many windows and doors across our properties, which helps to save on heating and cooling costs. In addition, utility providers across many of our communities are now offering attic insulation initiatives to help with more cost savings.

3. Ensuring efficient updates during rehabilitation work

When Glick decides to rehab properties, we commit to making those updates energy efficient. This includes new appliances, water-saving toilets, showers, faucets, lighting options, and many times we can also replace the HVAC to a higher efficiency.

The energy efficiency committee is working to identify other areas where we can make improvements across our properties.