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Celebrating Apartment Onsite Teams Day

At Glick, our success begins with the dedication of our on-site team members. Their commitment to high-quality customer service builds communities we are proud of and our residents can be proud to call home. As recognition and celebration of our onsite team members during Apartment Onsite Teams Day, several of our regional property managers sent in appreciation notes!

“Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to ensuring our residents have a great place to call home. I realize it is not always easy, and your efforts and commitment do not go unnoticed. I truly appreciate each of you and am so grateful you are part of our team.” – Kara Miller

“I can’t say enough about how lucky I am to have these teams to work beside. They are all very dedicated to Glick, our residents and to me. I have been blessed to have the same group of managers for the last four years. They all have hearts of gold and strive to be their best every single day. I have always called them Region 12 Rockstars because they are truly the best in the business!” – Christy Lindbeck

“Thank you for bringing your best to work day after day. You all continually impress me with your enthusiasm, commitment, team spirit and can-do attitude. No matter what the challenge you all come together and make it happen time and time again. I couldn’t ask for a better group of employees to collaborate with daily. You make the workplace such a fun place to work. Working with all of you makes my job so much easier. The amount of experience and knowledge you all bring benefits each of your properties and Glick as a whole.” – Kristine Rank

Kristine Rank and her team

“I take this opportunity to express my appreciation and gratitude to each of you, our most valuable team members. I am grateful for your dedication, your commitment to excellence, and you being you. I appreciate everyone’s time, energy, hard work, support, and leadership you give each day to one another, our residents, our property, myself, and the company. Thank you for giving your time to mentor new team members, work at sister properties, take additional properties on call, work through challenges, lead teams to success and simply being there for each other. You all have been a positive influence on our team, and I hope you are proud of the work you are doing. I am one lucky gal. Thank you, Region 2!” – Nicole Heim

“Many thanks for all your hard work and dedication! I hope you are all as proud of your accomplishments as I am! I am truly fortunate to be able to work with such a great group of people!” – Amanda Hahn

“Since joining the Glick team, I have had the opportunity to get to know the fantastic team members at Meetinghouse, Waico, Lake Oaks, Fairington South Bend, Cambridge Square LaPorte, Carriage House LaPorte, Hammond Elderly, and we just welcomed our newest team at Kirby Manor. I have felt so honored to be welcomed into such a wonderful team of caring and dedicated individuals. The communication, support and camaraderie within these teams lead to the success they all achieve. Their focus on enhancing every experience shines through when reading the heartwarming testimonials of the impact our team members have made in the lives of our prospects, residents, and community partners. Thank you for your dedication. You are all an inspiration!” – Kandace Condre

Kandace Condre and her team

“Shout out to Region 10! Thank you for everything you consistently do on a daily basis. All of you exemplify our service vision and pillars. You all focus on making a connection with our customers, remembering that service always matters and striving to leave a legacy. I cannot thank you enough for your dedication to our Region and Company. I appreciate each and every one of you!” – Tanya Laprad

“To the most amazing Region 15 team members - Each of your unique perspectives add so much to our team, and without you our team would not be complete. I value all your hard work and dedication each and every day. Thank you for being such positive influences, not only to me but to your peers. I appreciate you so much. Thank you for working so hard. Happy Teams Day!” – Kristy Lawson

“I have been blessed to work with an amazing group of people for almost 25 years, the past eight years as their RPM. I have countless memories of a few of my current managers that once were my assistant managers when I was a property manager. I have been fortunate enough to see many of them grow into excellent leaders and manage their own teams successfully. My teams show their drive, commitment, and passion every day they show up. I have never seen more dedicated maintenance teams than Region 7. They have helped each other out time and time again. No one ever complains. There have been many times when they have gone to help other "Glicksters" outside of our region and state, even all the way to Florida! They make my job rewarding by leading such a prestigious team. So, thank you, Region 7 Stars for your dedication, teamwork and always striving to put our residents first. You all are stellar role models and represent the Company so very well. It's because of you that I love my job. I appreciate each of you!” – Marla Rumschlag

Marla Rumschlag and her team

“To each and every team member in Region 1, while your year has the added stress of going through a tax credit rehab, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for never losing sight of the bigger picture. Our residents deserve quality, affordable housing and are receiving just that because of your hard work and dedication. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am truly honored to be part of your team!” – Destiney Webb

“It’s hard to put into words how appreciative I feel of my entire team in Region 9. Every person works hard and contributes to the overall success of their respective community. Maintenance teams are always there to respond to emergencies at whatever hour they happen and ensure repairs are made for the resident. This was especially true during the sub-zero temperatures experienced last December over the holiday. I can’t thank those on call and working through all the pipe breaks enough. That was commitment! Good maintenance takes great leadership, so thank you Daniel, Anthony, Devron, Devon, Dorian and Jose. You guys rock! Likewise, our leasing teams are on the front line too - responding to resident concerns and helping them work through challenges with rent, maintenance, issues, and more. The Property Managers keep everything moving forward by guiding, directing, encouraging and supporting everyone. Thank you to Sylvia, Kurtis, Cathy, Ryan, Gabriella and Evelyn. Your strong leadership and tenacity keep the wheels in motion. Thanks to each and every team member in Region 9 for your dedication, strong customer service devotion and continued commitment to your property. You embody what it means to Glick, and we are a better company because of you!” – Karen Kiefer