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Celebrating National Senior Citizens Day

"Throughout our history, older people have achieved much for our families, our communities, and our country. That remains true today and gives us ample reason this year to reserve a special day in honor of the senior citizens who mean so much to our land. For all they have achieved throughout life and for all they continue to accomplish, we owe older citizens our thanks and a heartfelt salute." - President Ronald Reagan

August 21 is a day of recognition and gratitude for senior citizens who have spent their long lives positively contributing to society. In honor of National Senior Citizens Day, we want to celebrate a few outstanding senior residents that are a part of our Glick family. The residents below were nominated by property team members for recognition.

Oscar “Wink” Bright – Blueridge Terrace

Nominated by Amy Miller-Dalrymple, Property Manager

Oscar “Wink” Bright has been a resident of Blueridge Terrace for 31 years. He has lived alongside so many family members and friends over that time. Wink makes his way over to the gazebo almost every day to either sip on his morning coffee or catch a breeze in the afternoon. As a pillar of the community, he keeps an eye out for his neighbors and checks in with those long-time friends that may be facing some challenges.

Wink is always smiling, waving, and hoping you are having a great day. When we acquired Blueridge in November of 2021, Wink was one of the first residents to introduce himself and welcome me to the community. We enjoy having many residents here like Wink and hope to share many more years with him.

A note from Wink:
“I like living here, and it feels like home after so many years. The people who live here are nice and care about each other and the community. Since I have lived here, I have been able to live close to my sister, niece, cousin, brother, and many friends. Since Glick took over, I have seen some great changes, and the community looks better than ever.”

Jung “Suzy” Kang – Cambridge Square Bloomington

Nominated by Kristine Sills, Service Coordinator

Jung “Suzy” Kang moved into Cambridge Square in September 2020 and has been an incredible addition to the community ever since. Her talents seem endless; she crotchets, knits, quilts, and loves sharing her skills with others. She is always willing to help a neighbor in need; she attends programs and volunteers around the apartment community. Suzy encourages other residents to become involved and is a natural leader. She attends a weekly knit and stitch group, whose members have donated hand-sewn potholders for resident welcome bags. She has also been helping the Service Coordinator pack monthly produce bags for the last year, packing as many as 51 bags in a single month. If someone joins a program part way through, Suzy is the first to welcome them in and helps to get them caught up. Suzy previously owned a flower shop in New York City for over 20 years and volunteered to lead a flower arranging class, the results of which served as decorations for a resident art fair. When asked to lead the class, she responded, “Sure, I like making new friends.” She continues to want to learn or try something new every day and is an inspiration for what active aging is all about.

A note from Suzy:
"I am so happy to live here. It's a nice place to live, quiet, and I love it.”

Luella “Lu” Estle – Fairington Anderson

Nominated by Sally Harker, Service Coordinator

Luella “Lu” Estle has been a resident of Fairington Apartments in Anderson for ten years. Lu is 84 years young and is always a bundle of sunshine and happiness. Lu spends her days volunteering with St. Vincent’s Hospital in five different departments, including Reception, Radiation, Chemotherapy, Surgery Hospitality and the Administrative Office. Lu has also volunteered at Southview Elementary to read to the 3, 4, and 5-year-olds, with the Anderson City Police Department as the Citizen Crime Watch Coordinator for 20 years, and is currently volunteering at the Meadowbrook Baptist Church in the Secretary’s Office.

A note from Lu:
“I like living here because it is very safe and comfortable. My apartment is quiet and peaceful.”

Sherry Worland – Cambridge Square of Beech Grove

Nominated by Brent Hybben, Service Coordinator

Sherry Worland has been a Cambridge Square of Beech Grove resident since 1990. Sherry is always cheerful and kind to everyone she meets. Her outlook on life shows us that there is so much good in the world. Sherry is very independent and active in the Beech Grove community. Sherry’s positivity and “can-do attitude” inspires other residents to participate in service programs and be more involved in our Cambridge Square community. Sherry’s happiness and laughter brightens everyone's day she encounters.

A note from Sherry:
“I have been here for 23 years. When I met Mr. Gene B. Glick, I knew I had found my forever home. Mr. Glick asked me, “What do you think we could do to make this property look better?” My reply was Christmas trees. I love to see fresh snow on Christmas trees. Later that month, Mr. Glick had planted over 20 Pine trees on the property, making everything look so beautiful.”

Norma Bahr – Jamestown Square Vincennes

Nominated by Jana Noblet, Service Coordinator

Norma Bahr has been a Jamestown Square of Vincennes resident since July 2022. She is committed not only to her church family but also to helping at Jamestown. Norma attends all the community events here at Jamestown, and her bible study group donates to help with Bingos and events at the community center. Norma has a very positive attitude and is very active at the young age of 82. Norma goes above and beyond when she sees another resident in need; she is giving and loving by nature. Norma loves God, which shows through her personality and willingness to befriend the other residents. Norma always tells the staff how much she appreciates what we do at Jamestown and shows her appreciation with goodies.

A note from Norma:
“I love living at Jamestown, and I love my apartment! My daughter looked into all the surrounding areas for housing, and Jamestown was the cleanest and safest place to go! I am very active in my community, but I have everything I need here at Jamestown! I plan to live at Jamestown till I’m 100!!”

Karen Conner – Fairington of Clarksville

Nominated by Deborah Boone, Service Coordinator

Karen has lived at Fairington Apartments since 2005. Karen is cheerful, full of life and energy. She is kind and helpful to many and is always ready to dance. Karen is currently working on a block party where the residents will have live music and dance. She was recently our only resident who went down a giant inflatable waterslide at our Back to School Bash with Colonial Village. She and the kids had a great time. Karen is always willing to hand out flyers for the Service Coordinator and the Rental Office. She loves to walk and is visible to many as she walks daily around the property and nearby areas for exercise.

A note from Karen:
“I love everyone here. It is my home. I’m trying to get everyone to dance because you feel better when you dance.”

Carol Bean – Fairington of Clarksville

Nominated by Deborah Boone, Service Coordinator

Carol has been a resident at Fairington Apartments since 2007. She is one of the most positive and upbeat people I know. As a brand-new Service Coordinator six years ago, Carol welcomed and encouraged me. She is always available and willing to help the rental office staff. She considers herself the “Mayor” of Building 3, and if anyone disputes her title, they will find themselves kindly re-directed by Carol. For any event or program on the calendar, Carol attends and always appreciates the fun or the education provided. Fairington Apartments of Clarksville is blessed to have the wonderful Carol Bean as a resident.

A note from Carol:
“I love the people, playing BINGO, our Devotional group and anytime we get together.”

From all of us at Glick, we celebrate and congratulate the outstanding senior citizens who have achieved so much for our families, our communities and our country. Our company was born out of Gene’s desire to help his fellow GIs build homes for their families. Our senior communities continue to be places where older individuals can find a home and be surrounded by a community filled with encouragement, acceptance, assistance and services, allowing them to live life to the fullest.