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Glick 75th Anniversary Employee Spotlight: Brian Poore

In celebration of Glick’s 75th Anniversary, we are featuring some of our long-tenured employees who have helped make Glick the impactful company it is today.

Brian joined the Glick team in 1994 and served as Vice President of Real Estate Tax Consultants. He used his expertise in real estate appraisal and tax to secure the company’s bottom line and better serve its residents. For many, the thought of dealing with real estate and taxes might sound complicated, but it was motivating for Brian: “The work has always been challenging in a good way, and I have gotten to fully use my experience and education in my everyday work.”

When asked what kept him working at Glick for 28 years, Brian shared, “The people are great, and the company has always demonstrated that they value my contributions. They have given me many opportunities to grow and be successful for both the company and personally.”

During his tenure at Glick, Brian felt fortunate to have excellent supervisors and mentors who he says contributed to his success and the person he is today: “When I first came to Glick, I worked for and reported to Steve Valinet, who taught me how to see the work from a bigger corporate and owner perspective and approach each problem by looking at it from all points of view. I also learned from David Barrett how valuable it is to show appreciation to those who have served the company well and to give back in meaningful ways beyond expectations.”

In his time away from the office, Brian enjoys volunteering with his local church congregation. He also participated in various Glick-sponsored volunteer opportunities to help give back to the community: “It has been a great way to not only give back, but further build relationships with my coworkers. I highly encourage everyone to make that a priority.”

Brian recalled several great memories at Glick, but the memory of being offered his position by none other than Gene B. Glick stands out the most. “It made an impression that Gene made the effort himself to offer me that opportunity,” he said. “I have tried ever since to serve him and the company well.”

Thank you for your impact on Glick and our residents over the last 28 years, and best wishes in retirement, Brian!