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Glick 75th Anniversary Employee Spotlight: Kathryn Ports

Property Manager, The Meetinghouse at Milwaukee

Kathryn joined the Glick team as a Property Manager during its acquisition of The Meetinghouse at Milwaukee in April 2020. Accepting the position as the pandemic started to hit Wisconsin meant Kathryn had her work cut out for her. “The transition was a major change to our residents, and on top of that, we were making social distancing changes or closing amenities down. I had a lot of damage control to do while also managing people's fears of the current state of the world. I think looking back, being someone that could help guide residents through that difficult time really increased the trust between The Meetinghouse and Glick.”

Today, Kathryn and her team continue to foster resident relationships and make dramatic changes within the community. She sees her residents and community as her source of motivation. “I enjoy having the ability to make improvements and an impact in my residents' lives. When I hear feedback from our community, it makes me want to continue to improve.”

When asked what keeps her working for Glick, Kathryn said, “The most important factor, in my opinion, would be that I trust the company I work for… During my time with Glick so far, I have noticed that a lot of people within the company just “get it.” They understand that the world is ever-changing and are making adjustments to reflect the current needs of their employees. Specifically, the recent Roe vs. Wade overturn really affected me in a negative way. At that moment, I felt as if my voice or my rights just didn't matter anymore, being a woman. However, even though some may deem it controversial, David sent the email regarding the adjustments made to combat medical expenses for women. The communication from our company encouraged me to keep my head up and keep pushing through any self-doubts I was feeling during that time because my company supported my rights regardless.”

An animal lover, Kathryn is passionate about helping them in any way she can. In the past, she has volunteered for multiple shelters throughout Wisconsin.

Thank you for your impact on Glick and our residents over the last two years, Kathryn!