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Glick 75th Anniversary Employee Spotlight: Kathy Overbey

In celebration of Glick’s 75th Anniversary, we are featuring some of our long-tenured employees who have helped make Glick the impactful company it is today.

Kathy Overbey started her journey with Glick nearly three decades ago as an administrative assistant, rising through the ranks to serve in her latest role as Glick's Senior Vice President of Asset Management. During her tenure, she saw quite a few exciting changes, like moving from typewriters to Zoom meetings and the growth of Glick and its philanthropic foundation.

Kathy's love for Glick's mission to provide affordable housing is something that kept her with the company over the last 30 years. "I love the mission and the direction the company is going,” Kathy said. “I love the work and the people I work with. Glick has been good to me, and I have always felt part of a bigger family."

In addition to Glick's mission, Kathy's motivation at work was fueled by the endless possibilities for learning and growth: "There is always something new to learn and a new job that needs to be done. It never gets routine. Also, seeing my team and how each of them has grown through the years motivates me."

During her time at Glick, Kathy felt fortunate to work with many smart and talented people, saying, "I have learned so much from them. They believed in me, and I was able to advance to my position today because of their encouragement and mentoring." One of those individuals was Max Thurston, who hired Kathy. "He took a chance on a girl from the banking business that knew nothing about multifamily housing. He was the smartest person I have ever met, and he taught me about the multifamily industry and HUD."

Thank you for your impact on Glick and our residents over the last 30 years, Kathy! We wish you the very best in retirement!