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Glick 75th Anniversary Employee Spotlight: Sarah Ealy

Sarah began her journey at Glick in 2018 as a temporary receptionist and earned her current title of Human Resources Assistant in 2020. She finds motivation in her work through her relationships with her coworkers. She shared, “I truly enjoy coming to work every day and working with my team. We are always there for each other, whether it be to assist with a task or just need a good laugh.”

Sarah feels a sense of pride knowing her and her colleagues' passion for the local community doesn’t go unnoticed. “When people ask me where I work, I’m very proud to say I work for Glick. We have such a strong presence in the community, and that is what has kept me working at Glick for so many years.”

When asked about her favorite memory with Glick, she recalled her time as a temp at the company. This experience gave her the opportunity to ease into her job and helped her form relationships with her coworkers before starting full-time. “I’m very fortunate for that opportunity and will always remember that time in my life,” she said.

In her free time, Sarah enjoys traveling to national parks with her husband, taking daily walks with her dog Zooey, reading, and knitting.

Thank you for your impact on Glick and our residents over the last four years, Sarah!