Adrian Joyce
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Glick Employee Spotlight: Adrian Joyce

The Gene B. Glick Company is honored to have such hard-working, dedicated employees, and we are proud to recognize these individuals in a monthly employee spotlight!

Q: What is your title at the Gene B. Glick Company?

A: Maintenance Tech II at Carriage House Glendale

Q: How long have you been with the company?
A: Since August 2019

Q: What brought you to Glick? Why did you want to work here?
A: My current Maintenance Supervisor Eric Joyner. I figured it was a great opportunity after working on much larger properties.

Q: What has kept you here?
A: Great Maintenance Supervisor. Great team.

Q: How did you make your way into this industry?
A: The last job I had before maintenance closed down. I needed something until I found another job. Now I’m 6 years in.

Q: What training/education/background did you bring with you?
A: HVAC certification, general contracting, supervisor experience, hands-on training

Q: What do you do in your role?
A: Any and everything to do with maintenance and upkeep at both of our properties – Arden Woods Apartments and Carriage House Glendale

Q: How do you describe your role to friends and family?
A: Jack of many trades

Q: Why is your role/the work you do at Glick important?
A: I don’t short cut. I’m always at work and I help train new technicians.

Q: What would surprise people about your role/the work you do?
A: I’m good at remembering residents’ names.

Q: What part(s) of your job do you like the most?
A: Knowing that I am a help to the elderly residents at our senior communities

Q: What has surprised you the most about working at Glick?
A: How many people know or previously worked with each other within the company

Q: Where are you from originally?
A: Indianapolis, Indiana

Q: Where do you live now?
A: Indianapolis, Indiana

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?
A: Spend time with my loved ones, fishing, traveling, building my brand

Q: What would surprise Glick team members about you?
A: I never had intentions to be a maintenance technician. I just needed a quick job years ago and it grew on me.

Q: If you won the lottery and didn't have to worry about money, how would you fill your time (e.g., dream job, hobbies, causes)?
A: I would expand my current general contracting business, open up a pantry for inner city youth in food deserts and donate to my church.

Q: If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
A: Maldives

Q: Do you have a bucket list and, if so, what is on it?
A: Attend a Super Bowl game, travel to every continent, move my mother into her dream home

Q: Do you live life by any certain motto or philosophy?
A: Vision without action is a daydream.

Q: Is there anything about yourself that you would like to add?
A: I don’t like small talk. It has never been my thing.

Q: What is a typical workday like?
A: Grounds, service requests, punch outs, building repairs, emergency calls, notice, etc.

Q: What makes Glick unique compared to previous companies where you have worked?
A: The various testing requirements such as Edge to Learn or even onboarding.