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Glick Employee Spotlight: Andrea Boyd

Property Manager, Fairington Columbus

This month, we are excited to feature our team member Andrea Boyd who works at our Fairington Columbus property. Her dedication to our residents, commitment to supporting her teammates, and long-standing tenure with Glick makes her an incredibly valued member of our company.

Andrea has made many great memories during her time with us, and she identified a moment in 2012 as one of her favorites.

“In 2012 a tornado went through Henryville, IN. Glick gathered a very large group of employees to help with cleanup, preparing donations for families, and any assistance possible. At the time I had only worked for Glick less than a year, and I knew then I would be a ‘lifer’.”

The Glick team is inspired by initiatives to lend an extra hand to those in need within their communities. With Andrea, this is especially true. Whether it’s volunteering at a local organization to help those experiencing homelessness, or navigating available resources with residents, she jumps at the opportunity to support wherever possible.

“My residents [motivate me]. Some of them have no one to be their voice or to help with medical insurance and available assistance resources.”

We’re grateful to have Andrea’s generosity, kindness, and proactiveness on display each day through her work and attitude. The care she extends effortlessly to our residents and fellow team members is inspirational – and she has had a lot to be inspired by during her time at Glick as well. Andrea reflected on team members who encouraged her throughout the years, and she has one person to thank.

Christy Lindbeck. She was with me through a very tragic time and was so supportive and I will never be able to thank her enough! She helped keep me afloat and guided me, I am not sure what I would’ve done without her continuous support and encouragement.”

Finally, Andrea shared the secret to what has kept her at Glick for so many years.

“The family atmosphere. When you work for Glick you are part of the Glick family. They not only care about you but your family as well. Glick has always been a family first company, the leadership team, site teams, and residents – they’re all family.”

Thank you, Andrea, for the warmth, dedication, and excellent work you bring to Glick and to the Fairington Columbus properties. We appreciate everything you do!