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Glick Employee Spotlight: Angela Davis

Service Coordinator, Fairington Apartments of Louisville

This month, we shine our team member spotlight on Angela Davis, our dedicated Service Coordinator at Fairington Apartments in Louisville. Angela’s dedication to her residents and community is one of the many reasons we value having her on our team.

“The reason that I am at Glick is that I love what I do.”

Her time with Glick has given her the opportunity to connect with many team members and residents that have impacted her, but there is one person who stands out for her due to the positive impact she has made on Angela’s career development.

During my time at Fairington, I’ve been fortunate to receive ample encouragement from my AMP, Karen Sexton. While I feel lucky for the support of the entire team, Karen’s consistent encouragement, assistance, and unwavering guidance have significantly impacted me daily.”

Beyond helping to take care of her team, Angela cares for our residents and takes time to make sure their needs are met. Angela is motivated in the workplace by the potential to make an impact in residents’ lives.

“I must mention that my residents keep me motivated. Knowing the position I hold can make a significant impact in their lives is an exceptional motivator.” 

Outside of work, Angela prefers to spend her free time volunteering at the Humane Society. As she furthers her tenure, we look forward to watching the difference Angela will continue to make. Thank you, Angela, for all that you do for your team and community!