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Glick Employee Spotlight: Bob Pratt

The Gene B. Glick Company is honored to have such hard-working, dedicated employees, and we are proud to recognize those individuals in a monthly employee spotlight!

Bob Pratt

Maintenance Supervisor

Suntree Apartments

5 Years with Glick, 34 Years at Suntree

Q: How did you get started with the Glick Company? Why have you stayed?

A: Glick purchased Suntree in 2012 and I was working here at the time. I enjoy working in my own community of St. Johns, Michigan. Our team takes a lot of pride in caring for Suntree. And I have continued to stay with Glick because it is a family-owned business that treats its employees with respect.

Q: Describe a memorable moment you have had while working for Glick. Why was it so memorable?

A: Three years ago, the Glick executive team was touring property sites. While at Suntree, we had a meeting with the team and the questions they asked us showed their commitment to serve the employees of Glick. They allowed time for our input, taking notes and following up! I don’t know many small-town properties that get a visit from the executive corporate team, let alone taking the time to sit down and discuss my future as well as the property’s future as extensively as they did.

Q: Describe the Glick Company in one word.

A: Family

Q: What has surprised you most about working for Glick?

A: The continued effort to create a positive corporate culture, including the many aspects of corporate social responsibility. You don’t see that type of commitment in many businesses — and the culture of philanthropy continues to grow stronger every year, such as the recent grants program for the company’s 70th anniversary.

Q: Talk about someone at Glick who really influenced your time with the company.

A: Kara Miller, our regional property manager. During the acquisition of Suntree by Glick, Kara was in touch with us weekly before the purchase and encouraged us to send her emails or call with any questions or general concerns. That really helped reduce the fear and nervousness involved in the transition.

Q: Why would you tell someone to work for Glick?

A: Integrity! The commitment Glick has to its employees and residents helps change the way we provide customer service to others.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

A: My wife and I are amateur photographers. We love “birding” and we chase birds all over the state of Michigan.

Q: If you could trade lives with a celebrity for a day, who would it be?

A: Brad Reed, an amazing and famous photographer here in Michigan