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Glick Employee Spotlight: Daisy Roman

The Gene B. Glick Company is honored to have such hard-working, dedicated employees, and we are proud to recognize these individuals in a monthly employee spotlight!

Q: What is your title at the Gene B. Glick Company?

A: Assistant Property Manager at Westhaven Luxury Apartments in Zionsville, Indiana

Q: What brought you to Glick? Why did you want to work here?
A: I remember googling the Indianapolis Cultural Trail while biking one day. That’s how I learned about the Glick Company’s corporate social responsibility, and I knew immediately I wanted to be part of this great working community. Also, Glick has one of the best, caring health plans out there.

Q: What has kept you here?
A: Glick listens and cares.

Q: How did you make your way into this industry?
A: I was 19 and helping my friend search for an apartment home. The owner of a property management company hired us once he knew we were bilingual.

Q: What training/education/background did you bring with you?
A: Education at IUPUI and 11 years of leasing and marketing experience

Q: What do you do in your role?
A: I assist our property manager with managing a community of 248 units — including delinquency, leasing, renewals, move-ins, tours, and creating new videos for our Realync app.

Q: How do you describe your role to friends and family?
A: I help manage a rental apartment community for a great management company named Gene B. Glick.

Q: Why is your role/the work you do at Glick important?
A: It’s important because we ensure the well-being and comfort of our residents.

Q: What part(s) of your job do you like the most?
A: I enjoy many parts, but I would say the most is moving someone in. That joy you see in people’s faces when you give them their apartment home keys is priceless.

Q: What has surprised you the most about working at Glick?
A: That I get my birthday off — with pay

Q: Where are you from originally?
A: I was born in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico (City of the Eternal Spring) but raised in Chicago since I was two years old. Go Chicago White Sox!

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?
A: Salsa lessons and softball

Q: What would surprise Glick team members about you?
A: That I’ve never eaten at Taco Bell

Q: If you won the lottery and didn’t have to worry about money, how would you fill your time (e.g., dream job, hobbies, causes)?
A: Road trip the Pan-American Highway (30,000 miles/14 countries) from Alaska to Argentina — learning the culture and ways of life

Q: If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
A: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Q: Do you have a bucket list and if so, what is on it?

A: Move to Costa Rica, buy a Toyota 4Runner and live by the beach

Q: Do you live life by any certain motto or philosophy?
A: “There’s no failure, only feedback.”

Q: Is there anything about yourself that you would like to add?
A: I love videography and photography.