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Glick Employee Spotlight: Faith Benner

Faith has been a dedicated team member at Lake Oaks for over a decade! When the property was acquired by Glick in 2017, she says it was the best thing to happen to Lake Oaks’ staff and residents. She loves the company’s compassion for its residents and the communities in which they live.

As a Property Manager, Faith is especially motivated to help senior residents. She said, “In many cases, we are the only family they have. I love being part of that and knowing that we can bring joy to them as well.”

We asked Faith for her favorite work memory. She said, “When we had our offices repainted a few years ago, Janine, the Assistant Property Manager, wanted hot pink walls. Instead, we painted the inside of one of the closet doors in her office hot pink, including glitter, while she was off for her birthday. When she returned on Monday, we recorded the reveal and it was absolutely hilarious!”

Outside of work, Faith loves having bonfires with friends and family. Her grandchildren, Ellabea and Everlee, are her greatest inspiration.

Thank you for everything you do, Faith!