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Glick Employee Spotlight: Frank Burkett

Frank joined the Glick team in 2019 and appreciates the longevity of the company, as well as the care Glick shows for its properties and employees. Frank is motivated by the gratification from helping residents through repairs and property improvements.

When asked about a coworker who has been a mentor, Frank pointed to Debbie Boyce, who “has always been a great motivator when things get tough on the property by always having a positive attitude and holding all teams accountable.”

Frank especially enjoys traveling to help out at other Glick properties while getting to meet team members from different states. Outside of work, Frank loves traveling to small historic towns throughout the country – bonus points if they have buildings from the 1800s. But if Frank could live anywhere, it would be Dubai: “The architecture is amazing, and it looks like a really clean, safe place to live.”

Thank you for everything you do, Frank!