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Glick Employee Spotlight: Jasmine Herring

Resident Relations Coordinator, Home Office

As a Resident Relations Coordinator at Glick, Jasmine works closely with residents and property team members to help make Glick home for our residents.

“From the sound of the telephone ring, I am instantly motivated to enhance our customer’s experience. There are endless possibilities to be the sunshine that our residents and staff members need during a moment of challenge. I often ask myself, “What if I were the caller? How would I want to be treated?” Once the safe space is created by listening and empathizing, I am further motivated to dissect the root of the concern, explore ways to create positive change and unite our residents with site team members.”

Over the last seven years with Glick, Jasmine has served in various positions, including at the property level as a Leasing Consultant and as Assistant Property Manager. With each of her positions, Jasmine says she has been afforded the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many.

“The reward that comes with joining alongside our residents and amazing staff members for the good of one common goal is an indescribable feeling that keeps me invested in our company.”

When Jasmine transitioned to the corporate office in 2022, while she was not new to the company, she felt like a freshman in the corporate office. Her teammate Ryan Byrd made her feel right at home.

“Never will I forget the welcome gift on my desk from my coworker, Ryan Byrd, also a Resident Relations Coordinator. They say time flies when you are having fun, and I cannot thank her enough for being patient during my transition. It is hard to believe we have worked together just shy of two years. Ryan has inspired me in so many ways to be the absolute best in my position, reminding me often not to sweat the small stuff when my emotions begin to show. She creates such a safe space, balancing professionalism and an amazing friendship.”

Looking back on her tenure at Glick, Jasmine says she’ll never forget the first Carriage House East Thanksgiving dinner, where she worked with the property team to prepare a home-cooked meal for over 300 residents.

“The aroma that clouded the leasing office kitchen, the soothing music played as every team member focused on preparing their menu item, the line that gathered outside the doors, anticipating a warm meal - it was a priceless experience. There wasn’t a dry eye in the building, witnessing each resident express their appreciation for the gesture. Little did they know, we were the ones that wanted to express our appreciation for them. Without our residents, there would be no community. The event was such a blessing, one I will forever hold near to my heart.”

Jasmine’s commitment to helping others extends outside the office. As a member of Abounding Grace Church of God, she helps prepare food baskets and organize coat sizes for their annual Thanksgiving and Christmas giveaways. She also volunteers with the Judah Ministries Clothe-A-Child, assisting children to get the clothing they need.

“The expression on the face of each child as they are presented with new clothing, shoes, undergarments, or whatever else they need brings so much joy to my heart that I have vowed to continue supporting such a phenomenal ministry for years to come.”

We are so appreciative to have you on our team, Jasmine. Your care for your teammates and residents is exceptional and serves as an example for us all.