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Glick Employee Spotlight: Kate Love

Senior Training Specialist, Home Office

Kate brings a love for acclimating new Glick team members to her position as Senior Training Specialist. Her dedication to her work is fostered by the care from her team and Glick’s care for their employees.

“I love being a part of the training team, they are like a second family to me. I also appreciate Glick’s values and how they care about their employees and their families.”

She enjoys being a part of the beginning of a new team member’s career at Glick. She helps them get started off on the right foot by being a beacon of support as they learn the ropes.

“I truly enjoy getting to meet and train all of the new Glick Team Members who come through the Home Office. It’s quite rewarding to be a part of the beginning of their journey here at Glick. I also enjoy seeing people promoted who come back through New Manager Onboarding.”

While she serves as an encouragement to others in her daily professional life, she also recognizes those who have inspired her during her tenure. One person really sticks out.

“Our Director of Training, Julie Doss, does an incredible job every day of leading and inspiring her team. Even during the most busy and stressful times at work, she exudes a positivity that is infectious to those around her.”

Kate is not only a valuable co-worker in the office, she is an intentional member of her community. She spends some of her free time volunteering at organizations that are near to her heart. Her favorite organization to volunteer at is The Humane Society, but she also enjoys serving meals at The Wheeler Mission.

There are many cherished memories Kate has accumulated in her time at Glick. To her, these make her experience so much more special.

“There are so many [memories] to choose from. But one that stands out is when I first started at Glick. A couple of months into working here, I went to a conference that happened to be on my birthday. The people I was with made sure to tell every vendor at every booth, so I got a bunch of free swag and got to do some fun, silly things!”

Thank you, Kate, for your contributions to our culture and the lives of your teammates, residents and community!