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Glick Employee Spotlight: Kathy Like

Property Manager, Fairington of Lafayette

Serving as Property Manager for Fairington of Lafayette, Kathy Like enjoys being a part of the Glick family. Kathy is an integral part of the Fairington community and has always felt incredibly supported. She has grown in her role at Glick and credits mentors who guided her and gave direction when she needed it. As the Property Manager, Kathy connects with her residents frequently – even helping one young woman get through college as a single mom by offering emotional support.

Kathy has had a lot of supporters on her journey at Glick. A few that she named include Phyllis Deboy, Dean Cantrell, Jim Lyons, and her beloved “Team F.” Her mentees have included Tyler Russell, Peter Strasser, and Heather Lowry. Kathy sees her team members as family and refers to her maintenance team as her “work sons.” As she has grown in her role at Glick, she has been able to see other members of the work family grow alongside her. She exemplifies the ideal of “lifting others as you rise!”

Outside of work, Kathy fosters and adopts animals in need. She loves animals; they bring her joy and help her relax. If she could, she would spend time volunteering and caring for more animals. Kathy is an integral part of the Glick family, and we are so lucky to have her.