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Glick Employee Spotlight: Sheila Akbar

Property Manager, Bradford Lake

As one of Glick’s newest Property Managers, Sheila has brought in creative new ideas that have inspired her team and resulted in impressive reviews.

For Sheila, customer service is top of mind because it sets the tone for the Bradford Lake community. “The better service you give to your residents, the more willing and open they will be to changes, and the more understanding they will be.”

Another of her priorities is resident retention, which Sheila feels can be improved through a dedication to kindness. From opening doors for residents to having residents sign paperwork from their car if they are having difficulty walking or coming in, Sheila believes small acts can help earn and keep residents' trust.

Sheila’s motivation comes from assisting others on her team, completing projects, and having a space for opportunity and learning, all while working with supportive people. “I have only been here six months, but so far, my favorite memory is training, meeting people, being a part of the "Glick" way of doing things, the interactive learning while the trainers made it fun.”

Sheila’s goal in life is to “become the best human I can be. Life’s highs and lows can become discouraging, but what I am learning is, it's all about how you handle those "lows.” And when the "highs" come, you appreciate them more.”

We could all benefit from this mindset and are so grateful to have Sheila at Glick!