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Glick Employee Spotlight: Robert ‘Bob’ Bruntz Jr.

Maintenance Supervisor, The Addison on Main & Williamsburg on the Lake Mishawaka

"Thirty years covers a lot of time and emotions, but working at Glick has been a fulfilling and rewarding journey.”

Serving as the Maintenance Supervisor at The Addison on Main and Williamsburg on the Lake in Mishawaka, Indiana, Bob sees his work as more than just a job managing apartments; it’s about making a difference. Reflecting on his career, Bob said it’s a combination of the dynamic nature of his job, the positive impact on communities, and the supportive work culture that has been the driving force behind his 30-year tenure at Glick.

Dynamic Nature of His Job

“The field of apartment management is multifaceted, presenting new challenges and opportunities regularly. This continuous variety of tasks and responsibilities keeps me engaged and motivated to adapt and learn, preventing any sense of monotony in my professional life. In addition, Glick places a high value on investing in its employees, providing continuous training opportunities and career advancement programs. This commitment to personal and professional development has allowed me to evolve with the industry, stay current with trends, and continuously enhance my skills.”

Glick’s Positive Impact on Communities

“Being part of an organization that values corporate social responsibility and actively contributes to community development has been a source of pride and motivation throughout my career. Knowing that the work we do contributes to providing quality living spaces and fostering vibrant, supportive communities gives my role a sense of purpose. Witnessing the positive transformations and improvements in the lives of those we serve reinforces my commitment to the company's mission and fuels my motivation to excel in my responsibilities.”

Supportive Work Culture

“One of the key factors that has kept me committed to the company is the strong sense of community and teamwork fostered across the organization. From the top down, there is a genuine commitment to creating a positive and supportive work environment. This culture has not only contributed to my personal job satisfaction but has also created a sense of camaraderie among colleagues, making Glick feel like a second home.”

Bob also reflected on the outstanding efforts and dedication of his team, recognizing their professionalism and attention to detail in maintaining Glick’s high community standards.

“I want to acknowledge the unwavering professionalism and attention to detail that characterizes our team. Their commitment to excellence and tireless work ethic have not only maintained the high standards of our apartment community but have also significantly contributed to the positive experiences of our residents. Their collective efforts have created a living environment that residents can truly call home, a safe, well-maintained, and welcoming community.”

Thank you, Bob, for all of your hard work and everything you contribute to Glick, our residents, and our culture!