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Glick Employee Spotlight: Rosie North

Digital Media Manager

As Glick’s Digital Media Manager, Rosie collaborates with team members across the company to create seamless digital marketing experiences that help Glick tell our story.

"My motivation comes from the people I work with and the property teams. I feel empowered because I am given the creative freedom to bring new ideas to the table and implement new projects and/or enhancements to help our property teams and the company. I love being able to collaborate with team Glick to help our onsite team members with their everyday needs."

After graduating college, Rosie joined Glick as an onsite team member at Somerset Lakes, later moving to Glick’s Home Office to serve as a Digital Media Specialist, and in 2022, was promoted to her current role. Rosie says that the opportunities for growth are what keep her at Glick.

"I have stayed with the company because of the internal growth they instill in current employees. Glick is a company that cares about their employees and that is something I have always wanted in a workplace.”

For Rosie, the most inspiring part of her position are the people she works with, and the efforts they put in to enhance the Glick team. “I love working with the Marketing team and collaborating with other women who are passionate about their jobs and the work they complete, and we complete as a team.”

She has also found inspiration from her supervisor and mentor, Jenny Richard. “She is the person who made me interested in marketing and who has helped me get to where I am today. She helps ensure that I am growing professionally and within my current role. She is always willing to teach in the moment and provides me with all the resources I need to perform my job to the highest quality.”

Rosie’s commitment to helping others extends outside the office. She recently joined Glick’s Marketing Team for a VTO day at Lambswear, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing clothing to children who are in need. For Rosie, Lambswear’s mission hits home.

“I have a new daughter of my own and to fully understand how many children are in need of basic essentials – like clothing – is devastating. I hope to volunteer again at Lambswear and donate clothing to help other children in need of these essentials.”

Thank you Rosie, for all the amazing work you do at home office and with our property teams to bring Glick’s story to life!