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Glick Employee Spotlight: Ryan Bitson

Maintenance Supervisor, Cambridge Square Grand Rapids Apartments

Meet Ryan Bitson, our Maintenance Supervisor at Glick, featured this month. Ryan has been a valued member of our team, earning admiration throughout his tenure.

“I’ve worked for a few companies in my short lifetime, and Glick has been the best company I’ve worked for up to this point in my life.”

Ryan is motivated in the workplace by seeing a task or project to completion, learning new things, and being able to provide for his family. During his time on the Glick team, he’s encountered many people who have encouraged and inspired him. Specifically, he highlights Jennifer and Julie as having an impact on his professional career.

“First is Jennifer Stine. She believed in my capabilities at a time when I didn’t believe in myself. The other is Julie Doss. Taking the Crucial Conversations class is one of the best pieces of training I’ve done within Glick, and I hope that I handle difficult or challenging situations as well as during the class I attended when the topic of Huddles came up.”

Outside of work, Ryan volunteers his time at the local church he attends. He has made many meaningful memories during his time at Glick, and he recalls one moment that sticks out as one of his favorites.

I arrived a little early on the day I was attending Affordable Housing training. Early enough, that the only other person there was Mark Chrzanowski. Mark had a way of simplifying the complexity that can be affordable housing. At the time, he also had a similar appearance to a character that Jeff Bridges played in a movie. As we sat in the classroom, I pondered whether to comment about that fact. I said to him, “I apologize if this offends you, but I so badly want to call you The Dude.” He wasn’t fazed by my comment at all and responded with his patented “Funny story” and shared how a co-worker was trying to get him to dress as The Dude Lebowski for Halloween. I’m pretty sure he never did, but it was fun to share a laugh at that moment.”

We look forward to sharing more moments with Ryan on the team as he continues his time at Glick. Thank you for being a vital member of team Glick.