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Glick Team Member Appreciation Week

Earlier this month, Glick teams across the country celebrated Team Member Appreciation Week. From supporting one another as colleagues to being a resource for our residents and creating thriving communities in the places where we operate, Glick team members celebrated their pride and appreciation for their teams. Below are just a few notes of appreciation sent in from team leaders, recognizing their teams for all they do!

A Note from Marla Rumschlag, Regional Property Manager – Region 7

“My greatest gift is my team, Region 7. I love what I do because of who I work with. My teams are always giving 100% – committed to excellence and serving our residents and each other. They will help in a pinch, no matter what. They have the best attitudes and are always smiling. I am very fortunate to have such a strong and amazing team.”

A Note from Jessica Moore, Regional Property Manager – Region 3

I appreciate the Region 3 team beyond what I can put into words! They come to work every day to accomplish one goal: enhancing our residents’ lives. Although every day comes with some sort of adversity, they find a way to power through and always with a great attitude. I am so fortunate to work with a group of such amazingly talented and caring individuals. They make this job easier than it should be!”

A Note from Brian Grumieaux, Property Manager – Jamestown Square Vincennes

“The Vincennes Jamestown Square Team is a tight-knit group; everyone is quick to help one another whenever needed. 2023 has been a very busy year for us. Maintenance Supervisor Jeff Houck was recognized in October for 20 years of service. Maintenance Technician Nicole Abel has been extremely busy catching up on inspection services while doing turns on apartments. New Assistant Property Manager Payge Smith has mastered how best to use Rent café, and Service Coordinator Jana Noblet has managed multiple projects that seem to happen simultaneously, all while being diligent in her attention to the needs of our residents. This Property Manager is very thankful to have a skillful, dedicated team who join forces to enhance our little community .”

A Note from Kaity Zaininger, Property Manager - Quarry at River North

“The last two years at the Quarry have been challenging, but my team has had such a positive attitude throughout the entire project. Morale in the office is always up, and we all strive to provide a positive environment to work in. Residents gravitate to the leasing desk/office and find comfort in talking to the team about their day. The maintenance team goes above and beyond to ensure residents are satisfied and taken care of, and they always receive 10/10 on their surveys! Each person on the team has a role they excel in that keeps the Quarry moving. I have such a strong team in place, and I could not do this without them. Thank you all for everything you do!”

A Note from Gabriella Sanford, Property Manager - Ashley Pointe

“Back in September, we had our REAC. We were notified peak season, so maintenance was already swamped with work orders and turn after turns, but regardless, they kicked it into high gear to prepare our property for inspection. I want to specifically shout out our Maintenance Supervisor Devon and our groundskeeper Carlos for giving up their weekend to make sure our property was immaculate. So much so that we scored a 99 on our REAC! If it weren't for that extra effort from these two, we wouldn't have been able to score so high! I appreciate all the efforts the team continuously makes so that we run smoothly and provide the best service for our residents!”

A Note from LaToya Crowder, Property Manager – Richfield Ft. Wayne

“I appreciate the fight my maintenance team has when we are against the clock. In September alone our maintenance team rocked it out. This year we had a REAC Inspection set at the end of the month. Within a three-week period, our maintenance completed 58 inspection work orders – not including 24hr, emergencies or scheduled work orders. On top of that, they completed 3 turns, 3rd quarter filter inspection completed in one week, and only 16.5 hours of overtime paid out between the two of them all within the month. MY MAINTENANCE TEAM ROCKS!”

A Note from Kimberly Burns, Property Manager – Carriage House Glendale/Arden Woods

“Having a team you can come to work with every day and count on even when times are tough is absolutely the best feeling in the world. I appreciate the hard work and dedication my team puts in to make both properties run smoothly and with great customer service. Thank you, TEAM!!”

A Note from Kathy Like, Property Manager – Fairington Lafayette

“What I appreciate most about my team, is that I can rely on them for any type of support. I know I can trust them with getting things completed, even in times of a heavy workload. They are the best!!!”

A Note from Kathy Cross, Property Manager – Ashmore Trace

“I would like to thank our Ashmore Trace Team of Victoria Miller, Marc Toles and Tamare Bland. They pull together to get things done, and support our team to ensure our goals are met.”

A Note from Nicole Heim, Regional Property Manager – Region 2

“I am proud of the work you do, the people you are, and the differences you make. Thank you for all you do, Region 2.”

A Note from Katherine Feldmeier, Property Manager – Carriage House Evansville

“I know everyone thinks they have a great team...but I truly believe we have the best. We support each other in good times and bad....both in work and life situations. We enjoy celebrating milestones and birthdays together, and even just sharing how our weekend went. I really appreciate the camaraderie we have at Carriage House Evansville! Go team!!”

A Note from Kara Miller, Regional Property Manager – Region 11

“I want to express my gratitude for Region 11 for always going above and beyond to achieve our goals and care for our residents. I am consistently amazed by all you do every day! Thank you for all your hard work.”

A Note from Pat Carper, Property Manager – Wesley Park

“I would like to give my Maintenance Supervisor a Big Shout Out! He is a one-man operation here at our property. We had our REAC, which for over a month he had been preparing for, and he did a wonderful job. I could not be prouder of him! He cares so much about our residents and treat them as if they are his family. So, Kevin, you are the greatest in my eyes!”

A Note from Amanda Hahn, Regional Property Manager – Region 16

“I truly appreciate everyone always putting in their best effort and all the unique perspectives each team member brings to our group!”

A Note from Tina Osborn, Property Manager – Cambridge Square (CS) Flint

“The work of the CS Flint team is important and valuable. The contributions of each team member are essential to our success in offering quality, yet affordable housing to our residents and community. Thank you, CS Flint team members, for your hard work and dedication.”

A Note from Ryan Brady, Vice President – Glick Philanthropies

“I am so proud of our Glick Philanthropies team! You all do so much to support our team members and their families, our residents, and the communities we serve. Your work makes a difference. Thank you!”

A Note from Jenny Richard, Director – Marketing

The Marketing Team is the best of the best and they make me proud every day! Their level of dedication to our team members in supporting their needs is always top notch. There have certainly been extra challenges this year and they have tackled them all with grace and positive attitudes! I appreciate each and every one of them – thank you for all that you do!

A Note from Amanda Imel, Director – Compliance

“I can't emphasize enough how impressed I am with our Compliance Team. Each team member brings a unique perspective to the table. I am grateful for their consistent hard work, which contributes to both their professional and personal growth. It is truly refreshing to witness continuous improvement and development!