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Glick Women Participate in Habitat Build

Built to be home – That’s been one of Glick’s guiding mantras since our founding in 1947 and continues today through our commitment to building thriving communities.

It’s also exactly what a group of Glick team members recently did by volunteering their time with Indy Women Build. More than a dozen team members raised over $15,000 for the 10th Annual Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity Women Build Program and most were able to join the build.

The Indy Women Build program, hosted by the Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity, brings women together to build, fundraise and advocate for affordable housing in their communities. Over the course of several weeks, volunteers collaborated to construct a home from the ground up. These houses typically go to single mothers, who receive education about home ownership and finances, and even take part in the construction of their own homes.

“More than 400 people are reached as part of this program,” says Olivia Kirk, Indy Women Build site leader. “That makes it unique and expands Habitat’s potential exposure and impact.”

During this year’s Indy Women Build, we caught up with Amber Carey and Lisa Kidwell to learn more about their time volunteering.

Amber Carey, Property Management Administrator

Why did you choose to participate in the Women’s Build?

  • I worked with Habitat in college for a couple of weekends and really enjoyed it. This time I thought it would be a great way to get to know some of my Glick associates while helping build a home for an organization that I believe in. Homeownership is a great goal and one that should be attainable. Habitat helps make it happen and gives tools to help the new homeowner continue to be successful in-home ownership and in other areas of their life.

As a first-time Glick participant, what inspired you the most during this experience?

  • Seeing us come together and make things happen. We are all from different departments and while together our departments make Glick, we don’t get to interact all day. Women’s Build Day allowed us to work together with a common goal. I don’t have one thing in particular that inspired me, but the group as a whole and meeting two homeowners was inspiring and made me proud to be a part of the build.

Lisa Kidwell, Property Accounting Specialist

As a yearly Glick participant, what inspires you the most during these experiences?

  • I really enjoy getting together with my fellow “Glicksters” and working towards something so fulfilling. The women’s stories are so inspiring, and I hope it’s something we get to do for years to come. These group volunteer opportunities are probably what I missed most during COVID.

Do you have any stories that you would like to share related to the Women's Build?

  • Last year, I helped with the framing of the house we were assigned to. I faced my fear of heights head-on and used a nail gun at the top of a ladder. This year was different because the house was almost finished, but we got to build the shed in the backyard (“she shed”). It was really fun to build the entire shed in a day, from framing the floor, to putting the shingles on it. It was gratifying to see the finished product once we were done.

Congrats and thanks to these team members for their participation:

  • Sam Miller
  • Stephanie Jones
  • Lisa Kidwell
  • La'Kisha Green
  • Janine Betsey
  • Kimberly Barkman
  • Tammy Sargent
  • Rosie North
  • Diana Dalton
  • Meaghan Riddle
  • Jenny Richard
  • Jasmine Herring
  • Amber Carey
  • Elizabeth Oatman
  • Hannah Riffle

To learn more about Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity Indy Women Build program here.