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One Company, Two People: A Tale of Two Careers

After Nicole Heim left her job at the Gene B. Glick Company in 2004, she knew exactly where she wanted to be when she came back into the workforce.

“The whole Glick team was completely supportive of me when I decided to leave the industry to spend time at home raising my three girls,” she said. “When they had all started school, and I felt ready to come back, there really was no other choice for me than Glick. And happily, they welcomed me back with open arms.”

Heim has been with Glick for 15 years and was just recently promoted to the position of regional property manager.

Westhaven team

(L-R) Westhaven Maintenance Supervisor Rusty Foltz, Nicole Heim and Cameron Lowe[/caption]

It’s a goal she’s had for years — working her way up the ladder from assistant property manager to property manager at The Woods of Eagle Creek Apartments; and when she returned in 2009, she became assistant property manager at Ashmore Trace in Greenwood and then property manager at Ashton Pointe in Indianapolis.

“From there, I transitioned over to our new property being built at the time, Westhaven. It’s an amazing premier luxury apartment community, and I was grateful to have been asked to be the property manager there in the fall of 2011,” Heim said.

Along the way, Glick has always been a proud supporter of Nicole’s growth journey.

“For the first five years at Glick, I learned so much from Linda Orange and all my direct supervisors,” she said. “They were such great mentors and taught me all about the Glick mission and vision, which is right in line with the high standards and values I hold for myself as a person. They were also very supportive of my decision to stay home with my kids, saying that if I had the opportunity to do it, I should. And I’m so glad I did.”

But coming back to work for the Glick Company was an easy decision for her.

“It’s easy to come to your job when it’s for Glick,” she said. “I had another great mentor in Karen Kiefer, and I always felt like I could be myself. Glick supports the decisions I make and trusts me to make the right decisions for the company, the properties and the residents. Having that trust and support makes coming to work a joy.”

As she steps into her new role as regional property manager, her previous Westhaven assistant property manager, Cameron Lowe, takes her place as property manager — continuing his own professional and personal growth journey.

Cameron Lowe

Cameron Lowe[/caption]

“Cameron is wonderful,” Heim said. “After one and a half years as an assistant property manager, it is absolutely the right decision to move him into the property manager role. I love to see people grow, and being able to promote someone I worked with so closely is awesome. Cameron takes such pride in his work and knows the ins and outs of Westhaven. He has great rapport with the property team as well as the residents, and I know he will continue to lead the team in the right direction.”

It’s a direction Lowe started as a student in the residential property management program at Ball State University.

“I really enjoy the business aspect but also the focus on people and customer service in the industry, so it was a perfect fit for me,” Cameron said. The program required courses in housing, interior design, marketing, leasing, maintenance, management, accounting and real estate. It also offered hands-on learning experience and the opportunity to work with apartment industry professionals, like those at the Glick Company.

Each year, companies like Glick attend Ball State’s Face to Face event to recruit the program’s top students.

“I already knew about the Glick Company and was interested in working with them,” Cameron said. “After giving a presentation at the Face to Face event and doing an individual interview with Anita Wallis from Glick, I was ultimately offered — and excitedly accepted — an internship with them.”

During the summer before graduation, Lowe worked at Glick’s Somerset Lakes and Arden Woods properties in the Indianapolis area. It gave him the chance to learn more about working in property management as well as the Safe Harbor program in partnership with the Gene B. Glick Family Housing Foundation.

“Glick’s culture is so supportive of their employees, their properties and the residents in the communities,” Lowe said. “I appreciate that so much about the Glick Company. They offer knowledge and assistance whenever and wherever it’s needed.”

Cameron graduated in 2014 and took a break before heading into his career. He traveled to China, where he lived and served for two years with a nonprofit Christian outreach organization.

“It was a journey I felt led to take personally, and it opened my eyes to a different way of life and learning a different way of doing things. After my two years in China, I wanted to come back to the U.S. and pick up my plans of a career in property management, and I wanted it to be with Glick.”

In August 2016, Lowe was hired as the assistant property manager for Westhaven in Zionsville. And what he learned from his time working with Nicole Heim brought him to where he is today.

“Many of the people I met here at Westhaven when I interned years ago are still here, and that kind of stability says something about the property and the Glick Company,” he said. “I knew this was a great community, and getting back into property management and then being promoted to property manager has been such an encouraging process. I’m so grateful for Nicole’s belief in me and helping me learn the skills I needed to grow into this role.”

Mentor and mentee are continuing to learn and grow together in their new positions.

“The Glick Company makes every effort to support their employees in their growth journeys, listening to us and giving us the tools to improve ourselves. It is a company very much focused on people — the employees, staff and residents,” Lowe said.

“Every day I’m challenged in my work, and I like to be challenged,” Heim said. “This is more than a job. They’ve helped grow me in my career, allowing me to make decisions and trusting in me to do what’s right under the Glick name — and that means the world.”