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VTO with Heart – Kammy's Kause

At the Gene B. Glick Company, we are committed to strengthening the quality of life and giving back to the communities we call home. As part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, we encourage our team members to give back to their communities through volunteerism and empower them to do so through our paid volunteer time off (VTO) program. Our ‘VTO with Heart’ series highlights Glick team members using their VTO to volunteer with organizations close to their hearts.

Liz Hiner recently volunteered at the 19th Annual Kammy's Kause fundraising event to help raise money for the 4p- Support Group. 4p- is an extremely rare chromosome disorder which causes mild to severe mental and physical handicaps, organ failure, oral defensiveness, and developmental delays. There have only been 600+ cases reported since it's discovery in the 1960s. With so few cases and a lack of funding, new research and information on the disorder is limited. That is where Kammy's Kause helps to bridge the gap by raising money for for 4p- Support Group.

Liz's niece, Kammy, is one of the few hundred people living with the 4p- chromosome disorder. Liz's family founded Kammy's Kause, which is the largest fundraiser for the 4p- Support Group. Each year, there is a music festival where thousands show up to support the cause.

After her time volunteering for Kammy's Kause, we caught up with Liz to learn more about how volunteering is part of her life.

How Does Volunteering Impact Your Life?

"Philanthropy is a huge part of my and my family’s life. Of course, it makes us feel good personally, but seeing the impact it does for others is really why we love to do it."

What Does Glick’s VTO Mean to You?

“Glick’s philanthropy is one of the many reasons I am proud to work for this company. To allow me to have paid time off to support a "Kause" so close to my heart shows that the original foundation that built this company is still alive to this day."

Are There Other Organizations That You Work with That You Want Others to Know About?

Liz shared this story of another family member who likes to give back during the holiday season. 

To learn more about this great organization, visit:

If you are a Glick team member and want to use your VTO to give back to your community, submit your VTO request via Paylocity. We also encourage all team members to log their volunteer time and impact on Selflessly to inspire others.