Jonathan Ratzman
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VTO with Heart – Interchurch Food Pantry

At the Gene B. Glick Company, we are committed to strengthening the quality of life and giving back to the communities we call home. As part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, we encourage our team members to give back to their communities through volunteerism and empower them to do so through our paid volunteer time off (VTO) program. Our ‘VTO with Heart’ series highlights Glick team members using their VTO to volunteer with organizations close to their hearts.

Jonathan Ratzman recently volunteered at Interchurch Food Pantry in Johnson County, IN. He and his wife typically volunteer together, but they were unable to this time, so he picked an organization that he felt had a great need. Interchurch Food Pantry works to alleviate hunger by working with local businesses in the community to provide overstocked or discarded food that is still good to people who need it and who may otherwise go without. 

During his time volunteering, Jonathan packed boxes, found space for freezer food, sorted fruit, and helped distribute food to patrons. He also got to meet other volunteers and workers who help run the pantry. 

After his time volunteering at Interchurch Food Pantry, we caught up with Jonathan to learn more about how volunteering is part of his life.

How Does Volunteering Impact Your Life?

"I value my time volunteering. Since I was a teenager, I have tried to find time even when I could not find the money to help people, I gave my time. Helping with food needs started with the Ronald McDonald House inside Riley Children’s Hospital. During my time living there with my newborn son, the volunteers helped me through a very emotional time when both my wife and my newborn son seemed close to death. Without those volunteers' help, I don’t know what would have become of me. My wife and I generally, volunteer as a family and I have tried to instill this in our children."

What Does Glick’s VTO Mean to You?

"The fact that Glick will give me a free and paid day off to volunteer is something unheard of to me. No previous employer has ever offered such a thing. It is mind-blowing. I believe that we are here fighting common battles. The less we attack one another and the more we help one another, the better. The fact that Glick helps arm us with time to do this speaks volumes. It clearly is just one of the many ways that Glick leads its industry. The value that is transferred is limited only to us as to how we put it into practice, if at all. Helping each other when and where we can to me is huge. I am very grateful to Glick for it."

Are There Other Organizations That You Work with That You Want Others to Know About?

To learn more about this great organization, visit:

If you are a Glick team member and want to use your VTO to give back to your community, submit your VTO request via Paylocity. We also encourage all team members to log their volunteer time and impact on Selflessly to inspire others.