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VTO with Heart – Lambswear

At the Gene B. Glick Company, we are committed to strengthening the quality of life and giving back to the communities we call home. As part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, we encourage our team members to give back to their communities through volunteerism and empower them to do so through our paid volunteer time off (VTO) program. Our ‘VTO with Heart’ series highlights Glick team members using their VTO to volunteer with organizations close to their hearts.

Jenny Richard, Meaghan Riddle, Rosie North, Ashwathi Thekkeurumbil, Lynne Schertz, and Zoie Coryell recently volunteered at Lambswear Inc. together as a group from the Marketing Department. Each year, the Marketing team enjoys planning a day where they can use their VTO together to volunteer and help out a good cause while also spending quality time together as a team outside of work. This year, Ashwathi suggested the organization that the team chose to support.

Jenny said the organization does a great job of providing a thoughtful service to families by taking specific requests for the children based on their needs. "It could include anything from brand new items to gently used items. The impact they have goes much beyond fulfilling a basic need. They are seeing children improve their everyday lives by having items that allow them to interact confidently in their social environments." 

"Lambswear supports a wonderful cause by providing gently used clothing items and necessities to children in need throughout central Indiana. In addition to supporting their cause, I wanted to make a positive impact in the community I call home," said Ashwathi.

The team helped fulfill orders that were placed by families. Each person received a bag with a child's name, age and sizes and got to pick out a couple of outfits for each child. The bags would be later dropped off at a pickup location where families could pick up their items. 

After their time volunteering with Lambswear, Inc., we caught up with Jenny, Meaghan, Rosie, Ashwathi, Lynne, and Zoie to learn more about how volunteering is part of their lives.

How Does Volunteering Impact Your Life?

  • "It’s extremely impactful to know that the small amount of work we did to contribute to this organization helped fulfill a need for some children. Learning about Lambswear now provides me and my family the opportunity to share children’s items that we no longer need to further support this cause." – Jenny Richard
  • "It offers me the opportunity to pay it forward. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that my time spent volunteering can have a positive impact on another’s life." – Meaghan Riddle
  • "Volunteering allows me to see another side of a situation that I might not see in my everyday life. It’s important to be reminded of the importance of helping others and understand what others are going through in their day-to-day life." – Rosie North
  • "Having the opportunity to volunteer brings me fulfillment in my life. In addition, it helps me connect with my coworkers outside of work while working towards a common goal." – Ashwathi Thekkeurumbil
  • "Volunteering impacts my life by giving me perspective on the lives that others live. It’s a humbling experience and gives me a better understanding of the value of helping others that are in need." – Lynne Schertz
  • "I love helping people, and I am grateful that volunteering gives me an opportunity to help make a positive difference in someone’s life.” – Zoie Coryell

What Does Glick’s VTO Mean to You?

  • "Glick’s VTO means a great deal to me. To be provided with paid time off allows me to further give back in a meaningful way. Furthermore, it has become somewhat of a tradition for me and my team to utilize our VTO together. We take great pride doing this annually together." – Jenny Richard
  • "We are so fortunate to be able to have time off to give back to our communities. Working for an organization that encourages these opportunities shapes a culture that I am proud to be a part of!" – Meaghan Riddle
  • "Glick’s VTO allows me to take a day off and spend time helping others, which is not something I am able to do as much as I would like. I am so glad we get a VTO day allowing me the opportunity to solely focus on helping others." – Rosie North
  • "I am proud to work for a company that is committed to giving back to the community by generously providing VTO hours to all team members to volunteer at an organization of their choice." – Ashwathi Thekkeurumbil
  • "Glick is the first place I have been employed at that truly values the society we live in. By them giving their employees VTO to give back to our community in an important way, it means a good deal to me personally. It really is one of the best things about working for Glick." – Lynne Schertz
  • "I am very grateful to be able to work for a company that provides VTO to be able to volunteer at organizations and give back to my community." – Zoie Coryell

Are There Other Organizations That You Work with That You Want Others to Know About?

  • "Both of my dogs were rescued from shelters. My dog Belle was rescued from the Animal Protection League in Anderson, IN and my dog Dude was rescued from the Muncie Animal Shelter in Muncie, IN. I know they are always looking for volunteers and donations as they are constantly bringing in new animals." – Rosie North

  • “Gleaners Food Bank and United Way of Central Indiana.” – Ashwathi Thekkeurumbil

  • "I would love to volunteer at an animal shelter. I have made several donations to our local FACE Clinic in Indianapolis. They provide low income discounts and support as well as providing everyday people the chance to have that furry campion in their life without having to spend a ton on required medicine, vaccines, and even surgeries such as spay and neutering services. I’ve been using their clinic for various things on and off for over 15 years now." – Lynne Schertz

  • "I spend a lot of time volunteering at my church Revive the World Ministries in Greenwood, IN. Not only do the members of the church focus on creating a culture of honor and serve others in the local community, but they also partner with villages in Karachi, Pakistan and have helped provide food and install clean water handpumps so the villages have access to clean water." – Zoie Coryell

To learn more about these great organizations, visit:

If you are a Glick team member and want to use your VTO to give back to your community, submit your VTO request via Paylocity. We also encourage all team members to log their volunteer time and impact on Selflessly to inspire others.