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VTO with Heart – The Fountain

At the Gene B. Glick Company, we are committed to strengthening the quality of life and giving back to the communities we call home. As part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, we encourage our team members to give back to their communities through volunteerism and empower them to do so through our paid volunteer time off (VTO) program. Our ‘VTO with Heart’ series highlights Glick team members using their VTO to volunteer with organizations close to their hearts.

The Fountain is a Christian church that gives back to the community and surrounding areas. One way that The Fountain likes to give back is by preparing meals every Wednesday night for their church members, shut-ins in the area, and food insecure persons in Hancock County. Kathryn Cross likes to volunteer at The Fountain because it allows her to use her skills as a former chef and restaurant owner to give back to the community. 

After her time volunteering with The Fountain, we caught up with Kathryn to learn more about how volunteering is part of her life.

How Does Volunteering Impact Your Life?

"Volunteering has afforded me the opportunity to be closer to my family as we work together. I feel so proud to be serving my community and assisting persons who are unable to get out and get food along with persons that have food insecurities. I feel very grateful for everything I have after I’m done cooking for the night and go home to my house."

What Does Glick’s VTO Mean to You?

"Having VTO provided by the Gene B. Glick Company has allowed me to volunteer my time on a monthly basis instead of just once or twice a year without losing any of my personal time off."

Are There Other Organizations That You Work with That You Want Others to Know About?

"This winter my grandchildren and I gathered blankets, winter coats, hats and gloves in memory of their mother. We distributed these articles of clothing to the homeless on the streets of Indianapolis, and homeless encampments within the city. We were able to help over 200 persons surviving on the streets. We had assistance with the blankets from the Warm Up America Foundation who provided about 48 hand made blankets."

To learn more about these great organizations, visit:

If you are a Glick team member and want to use your VTO to give back to your community, submit your VTO request via Paylocity. We also encourage all team members to log their volunteer time and impact on Selflessly to inspire others.