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Team Member Appreciation Week

Team Member Appreciation Week

Last week, Glick property teams celebrated Team Member Appreciation Week. From supporting one another as colleagues to being a resource for our residents and creating thriving communities in the places where we operate, Glick team members showed their pride and appreciation for their teams. Below are just a few notes of appreciation sent in from our properties.

Quote 1:

“I appreciate the family setting. We celebrate birthdays, accomplishments, anniversaries, and goals met! Each member is quick to pick up slack when someone is having a bad day or needs a boost. The communication is open, and trust has been established. We work hard to meet our collective goals and share in EVERY win!!! Archers Pointe is described as a "WE," never an "I" because it takes us ALL to make each day a success!! Makes coming to work fun!”

  • Submitted by: Monica Richardson, Property Manager, Archers Pointe
  • Recognizing: The Archers Pointe Property Team

Quote 2:

“The last year has been a roller coaster for all of us, and I can't imagine riding it without these three. Throughout it all, they have been there working alongside each other (and me) to serve not only our residents but each other. David has been shorthanded maintenance-wise for a while, but he still doesn't hesitate to step up and go the extra mile for a resident that is struggling or hall tables where I need them for a program. Jennifer is constantly asking what she can do to help and even offers help I didn't always know I needed, like handing out flyers for me so I could leave a little early- like I was hoping to one day. Diana is always thinking about what can make the property better and what we can do for the residents, but she doesn't forget the staff. She makes sure that we are taking care of ourselves and each other. There are too many examples to list them all, but it only happens because they are committed to helping, being flexible and serving others.”

  • Submitted by: Kristine Sills, Service Coordinator, Cambridge Square Bloomington
  • Recognizing: David Archer – Maintenance Supervisor, Dianna Cook – Property Manager, Jennifer Shelton-Yates – Assistant Property Manager

Quote 3:

“It has been a tough year, to say the least. Circumstances forced me to lean more heavily on my team members than I wanted to admit, or so I thought...turns out I wasn't so much leaning on them as they were propping me up. Each stepped up in their own way to help ease not only my burden but those of their fellow team members.

Over the past few months, I have seen each of them step up, move in and take on whatever was needed to get the job done, and for that I am forever grateful and very proud to call you Team members. Thank you to each of you!!!”

  • Submitted by: Mark Chrzanowski, Compliance Manager, HUD Programs
  • Recognizing: Stephanie Saturday, Elizabeth Oatman, Angela Hillard – Compliance Program Administrators