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75 Years in the Books – A Look Back on Glick’s 75th Anniversary

“Although 1947 is long past, many of society’s challenges remain. But as I reflect on Gene and Marilyn’s legacy, there’s one thing I know: There is little we can’t do when we come together. Our business is family, and through our commitment to excellence, to caring for our team members and residents, and to serving our communities, we’ve accomplished a great deal over the last 75 years. As we look to the future, our core message holds true: Glick is “Built to be Home.”’ – David Barrett, President and CEO

As 2022 draws to a close, we look back at a year filled with our team’s commitment to excellence. Glick’s monumental 75th Anniversary was marked by historical portfolio milestones, team members coming together for their communities and a commitment to taking our people-first approach into the next 75 years. Below are just a few of the magnificent highlights from the past year.

Glick’s Portfolio Growth and Reinvestment

Quarry at River North
Quarry at River North

Despite economic disruption over the last several years, Glick has doubled down on reinvesting in our portfolio of properties, and we are continuing to grow our portfolio through new property acquisitions. Over the last 15 months, Glick welcomed nine properties to our portfolio, including: Blueridge Terrace, Bradford Lake, Cedar Ridge, Country View, Fowler, Lebanon Manor, Rainbow Hills, and Valley Ridge. To top it off, over the last two years, Glick has reinvested nearly $90,000,000 into our properties, covering nearly 4,000 units – or almost one-fifth of our portfolio.

“While this growth is incredible, what makes me most proud is how we grow as a team…This is a testament to our team members’ commitment to integrity, quality, excellent service, and superbly maintained communities. Thank you for your commitment and for helping us grow!” - Colin Atkinson, Vice President, Real Estate Development.

On the Move: Promotions and New Hires

Glick’s 75th Anniversary has been a monumental year in many aspects, including for our team! This year 98 team members were promoted company-wide or brought onto our leadership teams to serve areas ranging from Property Management Operations to Glick’s Executive Leadership Team. Congratulations to the following team members!

Executive Leadership Team

  • Adam Richter – Executive Vice President & General Counsel
  • Stacey Sunderman – Chief Financial & Operating Officer

Finance and Accounting Team

  • Angie Nelson – Controller
  • Tracee Tyree – Controller

Corporate Social Responsibility Team

  • Ben Grande – Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

Property Management Operations Team

  • Alex Freeman – Director of Property Management Operations
  • Nate Manuel – Director of Technology
  • Devyn Smith – Director of Compliance

Real Estate Development

  • Colin Atkinson - Vice President of Real Estate Development
  • Ryan Tolle - Vice President of Tax Credit Development

Want to learn a little bit more about some of these new faces? Check out our Q&A with a few of these individuals in “On the Move: Promotions and New Hires”. 

Serving Our Communities

Glick Team Members Participating in a Women Build
Glick Team Members Participating in a Women Build

As one of the nation’s largest family-owned real estate development, ownership and management firms, we are committed to giving back in the communities that we call home. Through our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, we invest in our team members, residents, and the communities we serve in order to build value for people and places. Below are a few examples of how we served our communities this year.

  • Project Fresh Start: Glick team members raised money to purchase nearly 3,200 backpacks filled with essential school supplies to ensure all youth residents have the tools they need to start the school year off right. Backpacks and supplies were distributed to school-aged residents at 35 apartment communities across eight states.
  • 2022 Glick Food Drive: This year, Glick team members were invited to contribute to the food drive campaign, and all contributions were matched by the Glick Gives Fund. Thanks to the generosity of the Glick team, we raised $30,520. Funds were evenly distributed to 19 organizations across 5 states, all supporting Glick residents and the broader community.
  • Supporting Communities Through Volunteering: Glick team members receive eight hours of paid Volunteer Time Off (VTO) annually, empowering them to make a positive impact on the causes they are most passionate about. During National Volunteer Week, we highlighted a few examples of how our team members used their VTO to step up and serve their communities. This year, 47 Glick team member utilized their VTO, volunteering over 315 hours in the community.
  • Celebrating Higher Education: In 2019, we launched the Glick Education Awards to support the dependents of our team members who are interested in pursuing higher education while aiming to minimize the financial burden on families. To date, 55 Glick Education Awards - totaling $320,000 - have helped students pursue their goals and dreams in five states.
  • Giving Tuesday: During this year’s Giving Tuesday, Glick team members made dozens of contributions, and to add to the giving, Glick offered a 3-to-1 match on all team member contributions. Glick team members showed tremendous generosity, making a total impact of $91,244, supporting more than 100 organizations!
  • Million Meal Movement: At the 2022 Glick Leadership Conference, Glick team members packed over 15,000 meals through Million Meal Movement. All the packed meals went to onsite food pantries across 13 Glick properties.

Glick Team Member Participating in Million Meal Movement
Glick Team Member Participating in Million Meal Movement

Takeaways from Glick’s Leadership Conference


In May 2022, Glick leadership team members from properties across the country and the corporate office gathered in downtown Indianapolis for Glick’s Leadership Conference – the first since the COVID-19 pandemic. During the two days, those in attendance heard from company leadership and inspirational keynote speakers, recognized team members with the Glick Awards, explored downtown Indianapolis through a variety of excursions, attended a block party at Victory Field, and celebrated at the 75th anniversary gala.

During his State of Our Company address, CEO David Barrett talked about celebrating Glick’s 75th anniversary:

“We’re here today after being apart for so long to celebrate a key milestone in our company’s history and the important work that we do. It’s work that’s enhancing the lives of our residents. It’s work that’s strengthening the communities where we live. It’s work with a purpose that goes far beyond just being in the apartment business. You put our residents first; the company puts you first. And together, we work toward that higher purpose of enhancing lives.”

Showcasing 75 Years and Beyond

Kara Miller Utilizing her Volunteer Time Off (VTO)
Kara Miller Utilizing her Volunteer Time Off (VTO)
“Why do so few businesses struggle to survive past their first decade? Is longevity the result of great products, exceptional leaders, ethical operations, or just good luck? The Gene B. Glick Company celebrates its seventy-fifth anniversary this year, and it’s a testament to our values that I can say we’re rounding the corner on a century in business.” – David Barrett, President and CEO

During our 75th Anniversary, David Barrett shared his thoughts on Glick’s journey and the lessons learned to help us remain successful even in the worst of times. Below are a few pieces where David shared his insights on Glick’s people-first approach to residents, team members and the community.

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